Focus and Scope


Journal of Software and Network Informatics (JISN) is a forum for disseminating research results, literature studies, scientific work for AMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Pringsewu lecturers and other universities as well as scholars, practitioners, informatics and computer science researchers. The Journal of Software and Network Informatics (JISN) is expected to be a form of contribution to ideas in the development of science and technology related to studies in the field of informatics and computers.


Scientific studies that examine topics related to Computer Science are not limited to:

1. Web applications
2. Information Systems
3. Network and Security
4. Operating system
5. Computer network

6. Software engineering 
7. Mobile Application
8. Mobile Computing
9. Decision Support System
10. Data Mining
11. Management Information System
12. Expert System
13. Game development
14. Database Management
15. Enterprise System